(Zine (short for magazine) is a small-circulation self-published work made by a single person or small group. It contains texts in combinations with an art form, with non-mainstream themes.)

riso fabric zine 1.jpg

Risograph fabric zine

riso fabric zine 3.jpg
riso fabric zine 6.jpg
riso frabric zine 7.jpg
FSZ front.jpg
FSZ foto 7.jpg
FSZ foto 3.jpg

Flower shop zine

Welcome to the Circus zine

Studio machii circus zine.jpg
_K013860-1 kopiëren.jpg
Zine autumn L1.jpg

Autumn Zine

Zine autumn L3.jpg
Zine autumn L2.jpg
berlin boek.jpg

Berlin zine

berlin boek 5.jpg
cotton zine 1.jpg

Dreams of cotton zine

cotton zine 3.jpg
lemon zine L2.jpg
lemon zine L3 C.jpg
lemon zine L7 C.jpg

Grumpy Lemon Zine (Risograph)

F night zine 6 L crop.jpg
F night zine 5 L.jpg
F night zine 3 L.jpg

Night sky Zine

dragonfly zine pink green white.jpg

Dragonfly Zine

Zine WR foto L1.jpg
Zine WR foto L3.jpg

Follow the white rabbit Zine

Zine WR foto L5.jpg

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