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This handmade wooden notebook is inspired by Japanese bookbinding art. The wooden front and back are cut with a laser cutter and support the pages by giving a solid surface to write on. This gives a modern twist to these books and a robust and natural feel. The paper used for this sustainable notebook is hand binded and 100% recycled

Temporarily sold at Uncover lab (Amsterdam).

Material research - Kombutex (Bacterial Cellulose)

Research: How can living bacterial materials be used for healthier indoor environments.

Experimenting are done to find out the material properties react in different stages, how it can purify air in combination with plants and how it biodegrades.
Furthermore, a products is designed to introduce the material to the public.

Thesis project (Industrial Design Engineering) at:

Studio Samira Boon - LABS (Living Aero Bacterial Systems): Future Interiors

A new sustainable plate material created from 100% Japanse knotweed. This invasive plant is a huge problem in the Netherlands, it destroys the biodiversity but also streets and railways. This material safes the plant from being incinerated and gives it a circular life cycle while making use of an invasive species.

This knotweed material won the Blue City’s early 2022 Circular Challenge and will be further developed in our start-up: Why Knot!

More info:

Other products:


This lamp brings 2-dimensional material to life using patterns. The complete product exists of just three shapes which can be folded together without any connecting materials like glue. The shape is inspired by the independent power of nature and its elegance.

- Wooden pencil case

- Ginger candy re-design (on-official)

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